Promotional Pens

Here at Pen Australia, we have the biggest variety of promotional pens in Australia. We can deliver massive shipments of promotional pens at any given moment. We have a multimillion stock ready for shipment and are very capable of transporting it to the designated location in the shortest timeframe possible.

We offer the highest quality service and we have a working experience that stretches over a decade. This allows us to provide customer service that is top-notch and we can anticipate some of the things that may suit your situation better. We offer a variety of different kinds of pens and other promotional products, so there are different options in order to suit every individual situation. We have a lot of experience and can handle last minute calls very thoroughly and effectively.
We offer three different types of pencils which are:

  • Plastic pens

This is the most common order for large shipments. Customized plastic pens are perfect for promotion on a large scale. You can add your logo or name and on top of that there are a lot of customization options.

  • Wooden pens

If you want to be a bit more stylish and want to promote yourself to a bit more serious crowd, then wooden pens are perfect for you.

  • Metal pens

Metal pens are for a more direct approach and they are perfect for conveying a message of success to a client or employee. Gestures like this one create a more personal relationship between the company and the recipient.

The quality of our products is on the highest level, so you can really put your companies’ name on the pens without creating a bad reputation. A lot of times, promotional pens tend to be of low quality and this is bad for your marketing campaign because the customer may actually be using the product for something important. If it breaks down, this can be very annoying for him or her, and it may cause negative feelings towards the company the product promotes. The whole point is that if you are going to give away free stuff – be serious about it. The customers need to know that you respect them and that you are not trying to buy their loyalty with worthless products.

Due to the variety of products we can offer you, we are fully equipped to handle any need you may have when it comes to promotional material. If you want to promote a new product or service or just show some appreciation for your employees’ hard work, we have you covered. Pens are perfect promotional products in situations where there is a large promotional giveaway to be handed out to many potential customers.
If you need any assistance with promotional pens or any other merchandise, please feel free to contact Pen Australia on (02) 9153 0577 or and our employees in customer services will help you place an order that will suit you.