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End Users

Pen Australia’s promotional pens, stationery, key rings, non-woven bags, travel mugs, bottles, stress shapes, and other corporate gifts are not available directly to end users. We only supply our promotional merchandise to re-sellers and distributors.

In the event that an end user contacts Pen Australia with an interest in our promotional products, we refer the interested party directly to the nearest re-seller or distributor in the area. Since Pen Australia has 3,000 distributors nationwide, end users should have no difficulty finding an appropriate representative.

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Become a Pen Australia Re-seller or Distributor Today

We are always interested in developing strong relationships with new re-sellers and distributors. We rely on our re-sellers and distributors to convey our products to the end users, and in return we offer them the lowest possible prices on the most highly competitive promotional products. If you are:

  • a promotional products company
  • an events co-ordinator
  • a marketing agency
  • an advertising agency
  • a decorator

or any other business or professional who is interested in on-selling our products to companies or clients, we would be happy to discuss our promotional pens and other products with you.

To become a qualified re-seller or distributor, please contact us